Saturday, March 12, 2016

Classic Bold Lips With Winged Liner Look Tutorial!

So today I tried to recreate the classic bold lips with winged liner look. This look is great for parties and functions specially if you are a beginner and haven't quite learned how to nail the smokey eyes look, also it makes you look all hot and glamorous thus this is a must try and hopefully after this tutorial you will be able to recreate it so here we go! :)

Primer: bareMinerals Prime time foundation primer.
Foundation: Maybelline Dream matte mousse.
Concealer: Maybelline dark circle eraser.
Mascara: Loreal Power volume 24H.
Eyeliner: Rimmel Waterproof gel eyeliner.
Highlighter: Benefit Watts up highlighter.
Blush: Sophia Asley glossy shading blusher.
Lips: Mac ruby woo

Friday, March 11, 2016

5 best Gigi Hadid hairdos & how to recreate them!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Gigi Hadid is no doubt part of a new breed of super models, better yet she's a social media super model. What I love about Gigi is that she has an amazing body that is to be applauded versus the rail thin bags of bones that unfortunately dominate the runways. Her round face structure gives me hope haha and not to forget I adore her long blonde locks so in this blog I'll be sharing some of my favorite Gigi Hadid hairstyles which are super easy to recreate, hope you guys enjoy this blog, keep reading to learn more..


This is the look from the VMA 2015, its super chic and perfect for glamorous events.

TECHNIQUE: Blow dry your hair beginning from the nape of the neck working towards the front. Once you get to the section surrounding your ears apply mouse and thickening spray near the roots, tease the hair using a fine-tooth comb and voila!

Benefit watts up sample review!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey guys so today I will be reviewing the benefit watts up highlighter. I got a sample first just to try it out and see if I'll like it and let me tell you guurrll I adooree it! It's creamy, smooth and very easy to apply, you can even apply the stick directly onto your face and then blend it out. I also love it's champange color which looks very subtle yet gives your face that glow and shine I actually saw it recently in one of kim kardashian's makeup tutorials on youtube though I am NOT a fan of hers but I gotta admit her makeup is always flawless. :p If you are new to the world of makeup and don't know which hightlighter to buy I'll definitely recommend this because you will not be disappointed. I purchased it from this page which I highly recommend too if you live in Peshawar and you wana order makeup online.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Acne Hacks! 5 great tips from my personal experience.

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I honestly don’t recall cursing anything as much as I have cursed ACNE!! Acne is a real pain in the butt, it is pure evil, never waits for the right time, date or place in fact a pimple will surface on your face right before the event you have been eagerly waiting for. I always picture it giving me an evil grin laugh while I stare at it in the mirror just waiting for me to pop it and well I have to admit most of the time I can't resist but to squeeze every last bit of pus out pretty much looking like Christian Bale from the poster of American psycho by the time I am done.

If you have been blessed oh no ‘gifted’ with a clear face you better pray to God everyday thanking him for it however if you're doomed like me keep reading.

1: Use a separate face towel: The first thing I did when I first started getting pimples was that I got a separate small sized towel for my face. If you’re using one towel to dry your hands after washing them and dry your face after cleansing it, sadly, you may be putting excess bacteria from your hands onto your face, which can cause acne. I get pimples in the T zone and it's not severe but I still make sure my towel is clean and I wash my face twice a day among other things so a good hygiene is foremost also change your pillowcase atleast once a week.

2: Lighten up on makeup: If you love getting dolled up everyday for work/school or just to feel pretty you probably also need to ease up on makeup specially on your foundation because it tends to clog up pores but then again it depends on the type of foundation you use and on your skin, however its always good to allow your skin to breathe. Make sure you remove all of your makeup properly before you hit your bed or as soon as you don't need to wear it anymore.

Friday, October 23, 2015

10 Essential Makeup Must-Haves for beginners..

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 I believe every girl who has a likeness for makeup goes through the stage where she can't decide which products to start off with so I hope this list can prove to be helpful for you guys! let me know what you think of this list or if I have missed out on any must haves in the comments section below. :)

1:  Foundation: If you want a high, spotless coverage you should always apply a coat of foundation. I have tried many foundations but none of them worked well on my skin since my skin's oily so my face looks like a mess at the end of the day but recently I purchased Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation and I have to say I have finally managed to find 'the one'. :') Ya'll beginners should straight off buy this product as it provides a good even coverage without looking too heavy.

2: Concealer: Concealer is the only way to cover up the dark circles but in case you're blessed with a dark circles free face well too bad you will still need it :p because it brightens up your skin also hides dark spots on your face and is totally shine free.

3: Mascara & Eyeliner: A good mascara and eyeliner can do wonders to your overall look. I'll recommend buying a volumizing mascara and a cake eyeliner. You can also buy a liquid eye liner but it will require some practice before you can perfect the cat eyes. I personally rate liquid eyeliner over cake eyeliner because there are no chances of smudging and also due to the shine and smoothness. As for the mascara go for Rimmel London Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara.

4: Blusher: If you have a pale skin, blusher should defo be on your list. It should be natural looking and always blend it well because otherwise it can make you look overdone. For a natural look, start with lighter shades, and skip any with shimmer, also don't forget to buy blush brush with it.

My this week’s top ten songs!

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Check out these songs specially if you are a fan of house/dupstep genre. I will be posting a list every week InshaAllah.